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INTRO 2 CLASSES €10 (Reg. €20)


ASCEND is a powerful new fitness concept combining mindfulness, transformational coaching, infrared healing technology, immersive visuals, and movement performed on a VersaClimber® vertical climbing tower, in a group class setting.

VersaClimber® benefits:

  • Activates multiple muscle groups simultaneously with constant core engagement, and no pressure on joints or lower back
  • Utilises contra-lateral movement, strengthening the connection between left and right sides of the brain
  • Rhythmic, steady climbing movement on tower enables client to focus attention on consciousness training and reach peak states / ecstasis
  • Improves strength, endurance, posture and coordination

Healing infrared lights benefits:

  • Improves circulation of oxygen-rich blood in the body and cell regeneration
  • Reduces inflammation, relieves pain, promotes faster healing of deep tissues
  • Combats depression, anxiety and improves sleep
  • Increases energy, strength, endurance and recovery
  • Promotes detoxification and fat loss

Mindfulness benefits:

  • Enhances self-awareness, lengthens attention span
  • Reduces stress, controls anxiety and promotes emotional health
  • Improves sleep
  • Decreases blood pressure

INTRO 2 CLASSES €10 (Reg. €20)